What is Trial Science?

Anyone who has ever tried a case knows that a trial is a process not just an event. The trial process begins with a decision to accept a case and ends with a verdict.

Trial science refers to the application of the scientific method to the litigation process.  It is a mixture of psychology, research and the law, which is applied to various aspects of trials and settlements.  Trial science is derived from the social sciences including clinical, social, group and research psychologies, statistics and more.  Attorneys use trial science to understand liability issues and forecast damage awards in their cases.

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Leone Institute Staff

Robert E. Leone, J.D., Ph.D.

Executive Director

Kelly S. Leone

Chief Financial Officer

Natalie K. Leone, J.D., M.B.A.

Trial Scientist

Veronica M. Leone, J.D.

Trial Scientist


What clients say

Dr. Bob is a genius.  He is the best in the business at developing winning trial themes and preparing clients for deposition.  He is my first pick as a trial expert consultant.  He is in a league of his own.
Patrick O'Hara
O'Hara Law Firm
Dr Bob Leone is one of the most talented litigation consultants that I know. I recommend him to any person who requires litigation consultation.
Dr. Bob Gordon
The Wilmington Institute
The Leone Institute is my go-to trial consulting firm. They always bring value to my cases with their outstanding legal creativity and know-how.
Gette Law PLLC
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