Juror Questionnaire

Supplemental Juror Questionnaire Development

Juror Questionnaires will reveal damaging biases and can give reason to a judge to excuse your worst jurors for cause. The trial scientists at The Leone Institute will review your case materials to craft case-specific questions that hone in on key biases you want to eliminate, and sensitive materials that jurors might not want to discuss in front of strangers in voir dire.  Allowing jurors the safe space of a supplemental juror questionnaire uncovers strong beliefs and opinions that might otherwise not be revealed.

Juror Questionnaire Scoring

Once you have received juror’s answers to the supplemental juror questionnaire you have to analyze the results in a very brief amount of time, often within 24 hours. Let the over twenty years of juror experience of The Leone Institute work quickly for you. We have a complex but streamlined method of scoring the questionnaire which will rank the potential jurors and provide invaluable insight within hours of receiving the answers.